Lamps.  AV does stock lamps used in the Technology Integration project. You can find what lamps I have and price by looking at the section on projection lamps. For lamps not on this list I recommend you search on-line for best price. Locally you may try EPA, Tierney Brothers, or Ness Electronics. For overhead lamps you can check with the Store House or shop on-line.


AV Repair can supply you with custom length antenna cables.


Building TV system is not working?
New systemshave a one year warranty from the time the systems are fully installed.For these systems, call or e-mail Jane Yannarelly 767-3407. Systemsolder than a year, call AV Repair.


Want to add a DVD player to your building system? Ican always install one in place of your laser disk player. However notall media controllers can operate them. Call me and I will evaluateyour system.



Cable Boxes not working? AV Repair will check yoursystem first. If the problem is in the cable box or the cable feed Iwill report it to the cable company. You may also call their customerservice line at 651 222-3333 if you have questions.


Dirty Overhead? If your overhead gets to dirty itwill affect image quality and lamp life. Also the fresnel lens willbegin to absorb excess heat and could warp. Simple cleaning will extendyour overhead projectors life. Be aware that the fresnel lens must beinstalled correctly and it will scratch easily. Look on the corners fora indication of which side is up. Also a good indication is the naturalwarp of the lens. They warp away from the heat. They can be cleanedwith non ammonia glass cleaned or warm water and soap. Some olderfresnel lenses will develop a haze on them when you try to clean them.If this happens you will need to replace the projector.


VCRs, If you have problems with a VCR or DVD playerin your video tower I can look at it. If you have image problems with astand alone VCR you can try a cleaning tape. If that does not resolvethe problem it is time to replace it.