Setting up video chatting on your computer

Step 1:Equipment

You’ll need a fairly new Macintoshcomputer with iChat loaded.
A built in iSight camera (a webcam) or a digital video camera attached to your computer with afirewire cord.

Step 2: Get an AIMAccount
You need to register (it’s free and easy!)for an AOL AIM account to get your “screen name.” Here’s how to dothat:

  • Use Firefox or Internet Explorer and go to andclick on AIM.
  • Click on “Get A Free Screen Name.”
  • Fill out the form, type in the secret code thingat the bottom, click submit. (It may take a few times with that stupidsecret code thing!)
  • Upon “Congratulations!” goahead and quit Firefox. You’ll get an email from AOL with your screenname info.

Step 3: Set up iChaton your computer.
  • From your dock, click on the finder (the square-headed guy)and choose Applications.
  • Find iChat and doubleclick on it to launch it.
  • A welcome screen willpop up. Click Continue. Set up your account by filling in the boxes.Use your first name and last name. Account type is AIM Account. Accountname is your AIM Screen name and enter your AIM password.
  • Click Continue (not “get an iChat Account”).
  • At the Jabber set up screen just leave it blankand hit Continue.
  • For Bonjour Messaging just hitContinue.
  • At Set up iChat AV hit continue (you maynot see this if you are using a video camera).
  • Clickdone.

Step 4: Contact Someoneto Video Chat With.
  • You’ll see you Buddy list. Click on the + sign at the bottomto add a “buddy.” You need to know the person’s screen name. Click onNew Person, choose AIM account (probably), Account name is screen name,First and Last name if you want. Don’t bother with email.
  • When your chat “Buddy” is online, their name is inbold print. To invite them to a video chat, click on the little videocamera icon right after their name on your list. When they accept yourinvite, you’ll be chatting. To make it play in full screen, click onthe button with the two arrows on it.

Within the SPPS computer network iChatworks great! When chatting with buddies outside of SPPS you may havedifficulty. I’ll help it work within our network. Outside, you’re onyour own.
Any trouble? Email ivar.nelson