Software Update Server

If you have an OS X server (10.4) in your building and 10.4 clients, you can point the clients to your internal OS X server to get software updates rather than going out to apple to get the updates.

To setup the OS X server open Server Admin, authenticate and turn on the Software Update Service.    This takes a long time to startup (because it downloads all the updates) so start it at the end of the day and check on it in the morning.   You can then disable some updates that you don't want to go out to clients.  Otherwise, let them all be enabled.

This service doesn't seem to start automatically when you restart the server so remember to turn it back on.

To point your client computers to get updates from the local server, use Software Update Enabler. 
Set for All users and see instructions below.
Typically, running Software Update from the Apple Menu should poll your server and not Apple's.