Overarching Standards:
I.C. The student will comprehend, interpret, and evaluate text using a variety of strategies.
I.D.12. The student will respond to literature using ideas and details from the text to support reactions and make literary connections.
II.B.6. The student will employ the composing process to develop writing including: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.
II.C. The student will apply standard English conventions when writing.
III.A.1. The student will participate in and follow agreed-upon rules for conversation and formal discussions in large and small groups

Focus Standards:
I.C.1. The student will summarize and paraphrase main idea and supporting details.
II.D.1 The student will formulate questions, collect, organize and synthesize relevant information from a variety of sources, including print and electronic media
II.D.4 The student will define plagiarism, its consequences, and avoid its use.
II.D.3. The student will cite sources for both quoted and paraphrased information in a bibliography when writing a research report.