Student Learning Station (SLS)
At Student Learning Stations students work independenty or in small groups
Any classroom can have a Student Learning Station. All you need is acomputer. The key is to set up and manage the SLS so students can beworking independently or in small groups while the teacher is busy withother students. With a little planning and a system to manage thestudents' time at the SLS, the computer almost becomes a "secondteacher' in the classroom. Students are on task and enganged at the SLS.

Teachers can take advantage of the thousands of free skill buildingactivities on the internet. With an internet connected computer thereis no need to buy software for students to practice the content areaskills they need to work on.

Productity tools such as AppleWorks or Inspiration can be used tocreate projects and lessons that take advantage of the technology toincrease student achievement.

The SLS can be used as a quick resource center for the classroom. Quicklinks to an online dictionary or encyclopedia can help students toquickly find what they are looking for. Teachers can manage what theywant their students to access on the internet by setting up their ownstudent page using the Urban Planet tool. Look here for an example.

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