Student Email and Apps

September 2008

Welcome to the new Saint Paul Public Schools Student Mail system

Our new Student Mail system is ready for students.  It is hosted by Google and includes Email, Docs, Calendar and a Start page.  All students in Grades 07-12 will have an email account automatically generated.   Students will continue to use the same email name and password to login to the new mail system that they used previously for student mail and Student Portal.  However, once logged in students will be able to change their password to Student Mail.  Each school should have one or more designated people that are able to lookup student usernames, reset passwords and print labels and information sheets for their students.    The Student Password lookup site is  

On this password lookup website there are PDFs with information for building techs and students that help to explain the new tools.  There is also a secure PDF export of student usernames and passwords which can be imported into the posted FileMaker Pro document on the site.  This FileMaker Pro document can be used to import students and print labels and letters of instruction for students.

Teachers who would like access to the Student Mail and Apps system must make a request to the Help Desk.

If buildings would like email accounts for students who are not in grades 7-12, please make specific requests to the Help Desk.

We will have more information about this new system at the October 8th Tech meeting.