Summary of Responsible Use

Summary of Responsible Use of the Internet and E-Mail
For Saint Paul Public School Students
Teachers of the Saint Paul Public Schools are responsible for instructing students on responsible use of the Internet, e-mail and
other technology resources. The district Information Technology Usage Policy, adopted by the Board of Education on
March 16, 1999, covers all technology resources including computer workstations, local area networks, a wide area network, the
Internet and e-mail.
Responsible Use
• Complying with all existing Board of Education Policies.
• Evaluating information resources.
• Respecting the privacy of other users.
• Maintaining the security of district technology resources.
• Recognizing and honoring the intellectual property rights of others.
• Immediately disclosing inadvertent access of unacceptable materials or Internet site to an appropriate district official.
Acceptable Use
Acceptable use is that which:
• Is consistent with the mission of the Saint Paul Public Schools.
• Encourages efficient, cooperative and creative methods to perform job duties or educational tasks.
• Is related to instructional, administrative and other support activities considered consistent with the mission of the district.
• Is required for authorized and appropriate access to voice, video and data systems, software or data.
Unacceptable Use
Unacceptable use includes:
• Gaining unauthorized or inappropriate access to the district’s technology resources.
• Interfering with the ability of students/staff members to use the district’s technology resources.
• Activities resulting in the loss of a student/staff member’s work.
• Distributing material that may cause congestion of the voice, video and data networks.
• Distributing or collecting obscene, abusive or threatening material via telephone, video, electronic mail, the Internet or other
• Using technology resources for commercial, political or profit-making enterprises.
• Engaging in any illegal act.
• Violating copyright laws.
• Posting private information about another person.
Limited Expectation of Privacy
Users should expect only limited privacy in the contents of personal files on the school district’s system.
Possible Consequences
Unacceptable use of the district’s information technology resources may result in one or more of the following:
• Suspension or cancellation of use or access privileges.
• Discipline under other appropriate school district policies, including exclusion or termination of employment.
• Civil or criminal liability under other applicable laws.
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