Tech Integration: Computer Basics

Mac OSX (OS 10.xx) Operating System Basics:
    • Users (accounts)
    • Logging in
    • Desktop components:
      • Dock
      • Menu Bar
      • Spotlight
      • Wireless status icon
      • Battery indicator
    • The Finder
    • System Preferences: To locate Preferences click the blue apple (the Apple Menu) in the upper left corner of the screen.
      • Desktop and Screensaver
      • Accounts (creating new users)
      • SoftwareUpdate: To manually update your software open the apple menu and clickSoftware Update. Update all of the items even if you don't know whatthey are.
      • Universal Access: Allows for you to zoom your screen.
    • Applications Directory: The location where your programs are installed.
    • Directory Basics:
      • User (Home): Your "home" is where you save all of your digital content: text, audio, video, photos...).
      • Directory: A folder or place where one locates files and/or applications.
        • Creating folders (directories)
        • Moving folders
        • Copying folders
        • Renaming files and directories
        • Creating Shortcuts (alias)
        • Using Find.

Applications on a Mac:

Standard Mac Applications:

  • iLife:
    • iPhoto
    • iMovie
    • GarageBand
    • iDVD
  • iWork:
    • Keynote
    • Pages
  • iTunes
  • PhotoBooth
  • iChat
  • Safari Web Browser.
Additional Software Titles:
  • Comic Life
  • World Book
    • Encyclopedia
    • World Atlas
    • Wizards
      • Report Writing
      • Research
      • Charting
  • TimeLiner: Software to create time lines.
  • Sherlock: Information locator tool
  • Inspiration: Graphic organizing software.
  • InspireData: Data management software from the Inspiration Co.
Training Opportunitites for Various Software Titles:
  • On-siteWorkshops: For groups of 5 or more a SPPS trainer will deliver on-sitetraining before or after school or on inservice days. to make arrangements.
  • SPPS Online Resources
  • training for most educational software titles, delivered inshort (1-2 minutes), topic-specific movies. No password is neededinside the SPPS.