Tech Integration Class: Creating Presentations (Keynote & Powerpoint)

Keynote and PowerPoint Atomic Learning Help Resources

Workshop Content: (download examples)
  • What is presentation software?
    • Tool to deliver text, photos, charts,audio, video, animation, links to other files, slides, and Websites.Ease of use during delivery is the greatest benefit.
  • Comparing Keynote to PowerPoint
Integration with othersoftware:
  • PowerPoint integrates withOffice applications.
  • Keynote integrates withiPhoto, iTunes
  • Example Presentations:
    • Keynote files saved as Flash Movie:

1.   Add Text
2.   Templates
3.   Themes
4.   Images
5.   Navigation Buttons
6.    Builds (Key)/Animation (PP)
7.   Hyperlinks


Skills: In addition to all beginner skills from above...

1.    Navigation Buttons
2.    Exporting
3.    Integration with otherapplications
4.   Inspector
4.    Customthemes
5.    Safari (Mac) Use for Managing Images
6.    Podcasting (Mac)

Hands OnTime:

Create a presentation using thenew skills that you learned using either Keynote orPowerPoint.

OnlineMedia Resources: