Tech Integration Class: Databases for Learning

This database course will follow the structure of the lessons at you are interested in reviewing any of the concepts taught in thisworkshop, simply click any of the links below to be directed toAtomicLearning. Once at AtomicLearning select the desired video fromthe menu which looks like the one below .

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 D.         Databases 
1. Creating   a new AppleWorks 6 database0:50108K
2. Adding   information and records1:04100K
3. Creating   a new field1:19180K
4. Sorting   your data0:52104K
5. Modifying   your database layout1:02116K
6. Creating   and saving SORTS0:56124K
7. Searching   for records0:5996K
8. Showing   and hiding records0:4076K
9. Creating   a MATCH to find records0:57116K
10. Adding   color to your layout1:01196K
11. Adding   a graphic to your layout1:19176K
12. Opening   a new view of your database1:39248K
13. Viewing   your database in PAGE view1:03160K
14. Viewing   your database in LIST view0:48108K