Tech Integration Class: Student Projects Using Inspiration

Student Projects Using Inspiration

    I. What is Inspiration and why should I use it?

        A. Overview (if needed)            
        B. Resources:
-Atomic Learning Training Videos (password required from outside SPPS)
                *Beginner Tutorials
                *Advanced Tutorials
  - Collaboration/File Sharing
                *Inspired Learning Community

    II.  Teacher Presentation Station
A. Brainstorming Tool
B. Lesson Organizer/Presentation Tool
C. Analysis (Harry Potter example file)
D. Synthesis:   Dogs   Eric Clapton
    III. Student Learning Station

        A. Language         
        B. Math
        C. Social Studies
        D. Science

    IV.  Teacher Tool/Lesson Planning Resources

        A. Inspiration Templates
        B. Atomic Learning Curriculum
        C. Teacher Websites
        D. Lesson Accelerators
*The Planet Earth Is...
*The Main Event:
*Make My Day:
       V.  One Computer Classroom Use vs. Lab Based Projects

SPPS Online Resources: Use this site to request SPPS online resources usernames and passwords for use at home.