Tech Integration Class: Using Digital Microscope and Proscope

Software Installation Instructions:
Motic Digital Microscope Software:
PC (both Dell computers and Mac with PC side):
Install software from this site...
Contact for software code/serial number.
PowerPC Machine: Must use USB Shot software... Contact for assistance.
Intel Machine: Request installation from the, who will install software remotely from over the network.
Science Hardware Checkout Form:
PC Users: To set up yourcomputer for use with an LCD projector:
Click the blue tray icon in thelower right corner of your screen. The pop up title is Intel (R) Graphics Media. Then follow the path Graphic Options > Output to > Intel (R) Dual Display Clone > Notebook + Monitor.  Note: your projector must be turned on and connected to the your computer to see these options.
Free Downloadable Activities for ProScope!
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Proscope Curriculum

Download these lessons to use with the ProScope HR™ Kit

Sock it To Me
Cold feet! Cold toes! How do you prevent them?
Objective: Study the insulating properties of socks.

Case of the Bad Lunch
Is it the flu or worse?
Objective: Track down the source of the mysterious illness.

Solving the Liquid Trail
Something has spilled.
Objective: Find out what it is and who did it.

Case of the Falling Gargoyles
Watch out below!
Objective: Investigate why the gargoyles are falling.

The Great Garden Dilemma
What's wrong with the dirt?
Objective: Examine the physical characteristics of soil.

On the Surface
Space Crisis!
Objective: Investigate the cause of the malfunctioning spacesuit.

Soda Sabotage
Not another soda stain!
Objective: Investigate the effect of car color on heat.

Some Like It Hot
Styrofoam or paper?
Objective: Closely examine the makeup of Styrofoam and paper.

Spot the Fake
Real or a fake pottery?
Objective: Compare soil samples to spot the fake.

Water Magic
A wave of the wand and the water changes.
Objective: Determine what the possible liquid was and how the liquid made different colors appear.

Appendix: Science CSI Curriculum Matrix