Tech Integration Class: Spreadsheet Magic

Additional Help Learning How to Use Spreadsheets:

Now that you have attended an introduction to spreadsheets workshop, a good next step is to use AtomicLearning Home Page  to review or learn concepts you will need to complete a project with students. At AtomicLearning click From any SPPS location you will not need a username and password to use AtomicLearning. From outside the SPPS network you will and you should contact your coach for this information.


Workshop Files Download:

This file download is the collection thatwere used at the Spreadsheet Magic workshop. If your computer does nothave a unzip utility (just give a try and see what happens), pleasecontact and he will mail you a CD.   Click to download (Mac). Right click and select download (PC)

Spreadsheet-Related Web Resources

Elementary Activities


Social Studies:

  1. GroupGraphing The instant creation of graphs and charts from andlets us get right to the exercise of selecting, interpreting andquerying data. spreadsheets in various styles reduces the tedium ofdrawing and coloring
  2. UsingSpreadsheets in Thinking Science -Spinning Coins Activity:Each group of pupils spins a coin 50 times and they record theirresults in a table. This is the raw data that they will use for furtheranalysis. 
  3. Spreadsheets:A Variety of Activities
  4. LemonadeBusiness - Use the information generated playing the LemonadeStand to create an income statement using Excel to use in the PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Santa'sElf Spreadsheet
    • To learn how to estimate prices of items
    • To use catalogs and/or advertisements to researchcosts of items
    • To use problem solving strategiesand a spreadsheet template todetermine what can be bought within a budget
  6. UnderstandingWeather
    • To use instruments to record and predict the weather
    • To graph and compare weekly, monthly, and seasonalweather observations
  7. HowMuch Would I Weigh on Mars? After you find the relativesurface gravity data, type it into a table in a spreadsheet. Don'tforget to label your data. Design the spreadsheet so that you can enteryour weight or that of a friend into one cell and let the spreadsheetcompute how much you or your friend would weigh on the other planets.
  8. Cloudywith a Chance of........
    This lesson helps studentsunderstand the various types of weather and learn safety tips for eachtype of severe weather. The students will identify factors associatedwith each weather type, make weather instruments, collect weather dataand predict the weather.
  9. TemperatureStudents build water thermometers out of straws and film canisters anduse spreadsheet to analyze data.
  10. MeasuringWind Speed Using a ping pong and protractor, students measurewind speed over the course of a week and graph the results.
  11. ElemLessons K-8 Lesson Plans on the Web
  12. Distancesin Space Using reference materials available in the classroomor library, look up the diameters of the sun and the planets. Look upthe distances from the sun to each planet. Record this data in aspreadsheet and compute the sizes and distances you would need to useto make a scale model of the solar system.
  13. AllowanceUse the spreadsheet to create a graph of the data. What graph will bestdisplay the data so she can see what fraction or percent of herallowance she has spent in each category? What percent of her allowancedid she spend on each category?
Secondary Activities



Social Studies:

Zoho Online Spreadsheet (example)