Tech Integration Class: Research and Information Fluency: Advanced United Streaming

Tech Integration Class: Advanced United StreamingTech Integration Class: Advanced United Streaming
  1.  United Streaming Review
    1.  Key Terms
      1.  Streaming - a data transmission that occurs in a continuous flow.  Streaming audio and video files allow you to display or play the beginning before all of the data has been transferred.
      2.  Download - transfer or save file from a computer or server to your own computer.
    2.  Buffer -- a temporary storage location for data information being sent or received.  It compensates for the differences in speed and ability in handling data.  It captures the data and lets it out at a speed the lower capacity device can accommodate.
    3.  Stream or Download?
      1.  Stream when you are previewing a video.
      2.  How to stream?  Press Play button.
      3.  Download when you are using a video in class. This will ensure a smooth, uninterrupted playback.
    4.  To Download, click on the disk icon or control-click on a Mac, select "Save Link As", choose your save location, Save.
    5.  Media Settings -- Click on the Media Settings tab underneath the viewing window
      1.  On a Mac, select QuickTime and Stand-Alone Application
      2.  On a PC, select Windows Media Player
      3.  Closed-Captioning is only available with Windows Media Player.  For directions on how to enable closed-captioning, click here; to download videos with closed-captioning, click here; for directions on how to change the font size, click here; to add closed-captioning, click here.
    6.  My Preferences -- Go to My Account, select My Preferences, and you can set account preferences for e-mail, subject area, grade level, etc.
    7.  Search Features
      1.  Keyword
        1.  Boolean Search will allow you to include or exclude words -- for example, Revolution NOT industrial;  Vikings NOT football
        2.  Quotation Marks - by enclosing text in quotation marks, you will constrain your search to the exact phrase
      2.   Subject -- Language Arts, Social Studies
      3.   Grade Level
      4.  Content - All Content, Videos, Audio, Images, Speeches
      5.  State Curriculum Standards -- Search by curriculum standards and grade level.
    8.  My Content -- allows you to collect, organize, share, and retrieve your favorite content.  You can "bookmark" your favorite resources for use at a later time.  Create folders and sub-folders for units and lessons.
      1.  Playlists
        1.  Create a new playlist -- select the video or video segment, at the bottom of the window, select "Add to My Content" and "Add".  You can then create additional folders within "My Content" to organize your video clips by class, subject matter, unit, or lesson.
        2.  Edit a Playlist -- you can copy, move, or delete a playlist by selecting the desired task from the drop down menu to the right of the selected material in your "My Content" folder
        3.  Share a Playlist -- You can share a playlist with another staff member by selecting "Share" from the drop down menu in "My Content"
  2.  United Streaming Teacher Center
    1.  Training --Professional Development
      1.  Interactive Training Modules
      2.  Webinars - an online seminar with interactive training elements.
      3.  FAQ Training Videos
    2.  Teacher Resources
      1.  Discovery Educator Network (DEN) -- blogs, forums, lesson ideas, webinar schedule
      2.  Newsletter
  3.  United Streaming Classroom Tools
    1.   Assignment Builder
    2.   Quiz Builder
      1.  Quiz Library -- use quizzes that have been prepared by Discovery Education
      2.  Questionless Quiz -- create your own questionless quiz that acts as a website to deliver your favorite videos to students in a workstation setting
        1.  How to Create a Questionless Quiz
    3.   Writing Prompt Builder -- use prepared writing prompts or create your own
    4.  Clip Art Gallery
    5.  Image Library - search for images to use
    6.   Troubleshooting Classroom Tools
  4.  United Streaming Curriculum Resources
    1.  Calendar -- simplify the process of finding videos that are applicable to specific days of the year -- holidays, etc.
    2.   Lesson Plan Library -- lesson plans organized by subject area
    3.  Thematic Focus -- Browse weekly teaching topics that include video segments, lesson plans, and student activities.
    4.   Homework Help
  5.  United Streaming Extensions
    1.  PowerPoint Presentations -- import images and video clips
      1.  Embedded Video clip -- select slide layout > Import Video > select Video clip
      2.  Hyperlink -- link text to a video clip
    2.  iMovie - import clips to create documentaries.  Students add their own soundtracks to parallel the video content.
      1.  Download videos as QuickTime movie files
      2.  Open a new iMovie HD project and drag and drop the movie file into one of the clip panes
  6.  United Streaming Help
    1.   FAQs -- Troubleshooting
    2.   Help Home
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