Technology Tools for Writing and Collaboration

SPPSApps -- Student e-mail account, Google Calendar,and Google Docs application.  This is available for all SPPSstudents in grades 7-12.  Students can create documents,presentations, spreadsheets, and forms.  Applications arecompatible / exportable to Microsoft Officeapplications.

Webspiration -- Beta version of Inspiration - online.  Beta test is currently free, but most likely will change to a subscription.  Graphic organizer that will allow you to collaborate on and share a graphic organizer.

Delicious SocialBookmarking -- allows users to create and save all of theirbookmarks in a single location; tag and organize your bookmarks; sharebookmarks with your students, colleagues, and theworld.

Diigo Social Bookmarking-- allows users to upload their bookmarks to a singlelocation; share bookmarks; annotate and highlightwebpages

RSS Feeds -- ReallySimple Syndication -- use Firefox or Safari or a feed reader such asGoogle Reader, to collect feed reads from frequently updated blogs,websites, and database searches.  The information comes to youand eliminates the need to log in to, or check back on, multiplewebsites.

-- Travel on virtual field trips to locationsaround the world.  Use this application to develop backgroundknowledge for your students.  Use the various layers to viewpictures, video, and street view, as well as other content provided byorganizations throughout the world.