Things You Can Use

Equipment Disposal: Electronic equipment contains lead and other heavy metals and must be recycled. Contact Ted Sherman in the Facility Department for instructions on how to have this equipment removed from your building. Computers, Printers, Monitors, Televisions, any piece of equipment that produces sound or video is considered to be hazardous waste.

Printer parts source:
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800 886-6688

Video Projector: Video Projectors are very popular these days. By doing a
simple cleaning of the filter on the main fan you can extend the useful life of your
expensive lamp. Every video projector uses a foam type dust filter that filters the
incoming air to the lamp. They are made to be removed by the user and can be
cleaned by blowing back through them or vacuuming them. Check with your user manual for recommendations for your machine.

Purchasing Data Projector Lamps: AV repair stocks lamps for some of the common projector used in the district. Click on the link to Projector lamps to order. If you have a new lamp you would like to sell I can add it to this list and if it sells the amount can be transferred to your budget. Contact Rodney Fillmore for more information.

Head End VCR: Why can't I control my VCR/DVD player through the telephone? This is  very common, and may have a very easy solution. On the front of the VCR is attached a small button or block. This is the infrared (remote) link to the VCR from the media controller. They are held on by double back tape and they like to fall off. The most reliable way to solve this is with a good piece of tape. Tape over the button in such a way that you do not interfere with inserting video tapes or control buttons and you may solve your problem!

HDTV or DTV: What does HDTV mean for us as a school district? All of our systems are currently NTSC (analog). All standard VHS videotapes and DVD you have will continue to play through our systems. 

Overhead projector parts:
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Lamps: If you touch the glass on a projector lamp,  you will get oil on it from
your fingers. These lamps burn so hot, your fingerprints will burn into the lamp
and the lamp will quickly burn out. If you inadvertently touch one, just wipe it off
good with a dry cloth and you will be OK.

EHA: Can't find EHA lamps! Use a DYS instead. It will not be as bright but will
work fine in most cases.

Standard Overhead Projectors Short Lamp Life:   Following are some things you can look for if you burn out lamps really fast. Do you let the machine cool before you move it. Are you blocking the free airflow through the machine with books or papers. One thing I see a lot of is that are burnt. This is very common with ENX type lamps. It happens when the lamp is not fully seated in the socket. Make sure you push the lamp all the way into the socket.

Digital cameras and digital camcorders in most cases can not be repaired by AV repair, or any local service center for that matter. They need to be sent back to the manufacturer for service. Usually you will pay a flat fee plus shipping. You can almost always find the info you need for service on the company web site. Do not ship any item without first contacting the company and getting an RMA number. Your school or site will be responsible for any charges incurred.