Urban Planet Web Sites

To gain access to your school's or department's website, contact your webmaster. This is listed at the bottom of the home page.

Need help with your SPPS Urban Planet website?
Check out the Urban Planet help site HERE!

For additional help, contact the Service Desk:
651-603-HELP (4357)

LMS Content Suggestions

Basic content suggestions for Library Media Specialists

The Process for Moving from V2 to V3.

All SPPS Urban Planet websites are being upgraded to the newest version, V3. Click above to view this process.

Things To Do During Freeze

Once your site has been frozen and your new V3 site is ready, there are things the webmaster must do to get the V3 site ready to "go live".

When You are Ready to Go Live

Contact Jerry.Skelly@spps.org and let him know your V3 site is ready to go live. Your old site will still be available within the SPPS network at oldyoursitename.dev3.spps.org.

Some DIfferences Between V2 and V3

No more related links!

.html is required on all shortcuts. This needs to be communicated to your users!

There are no more "modifier" rights.

All user accounts will have the standard protocol.