Working with iMovie - Beginner level

  1.   Equipment
    1.   Digital video camera- chargedbatteries
    2.  DV filmcassette
    3.  Sound equipment? If you can get it - ithelps!
    4.  Use your fastest computer with iMovieloaded
  2.   Pre-filming
    1.   Plan
      1.   Start by writing asynopsis of thestory
      2.  Create storyboard: just like a comic strip. not alot of details. Note location, dialogue,narration.
      3.  Filming day:
        1.   1 day if possible, nolast minute changes. the storyboard is theplan.
        2.  Coach "actors" to speak loud and clear and to thecamera, not each other.
    2.  Finished productdesired
      1.   Video tape, DVD, webdelivered?
        1.   The smaller theformat (i.e. web delivered) closer "head shots" are the way togo.
  3.   Filming
    1.   Closer shots arebest.
      1.   Film 3 times fromdifferent angles for multi camera effect. you can edit between them forthe "back and forth"exchange.
    2.   When filming startearly - run late. it's easy to edit out the extra footagelater.
      1.   Give director's countdown (5,4,3,2,1... start filming on4)
    3.   Sound is important!Make sure the kids are loud enough. Be aware of backgroundnoise.
    4.  Storyboard sequence means nothing. this can bedone while editing. film in the most time efficient way.
  4.   Transferring video tocomputer
    1.   Hook up and let itrun. operate the camera throughiMovie.
      1.   Take it all. you canedit out the junklater.
    2.   Once finishedtransferring, disconnectcamera
    3.  Do not work off server. always save oncomputer
  5.   iMovieInterface
    1.   Camera scissorsswitch. set to camera for video transferring, scissors for allediting.
    2.  Clip view and timeline view. use clip view forcutting and cropping, timeline foraudio.
    3.  Don't empty iMovie trash until absolutely finishedunless you just don't have the HD space on yourcomputer
  6.   Editing
    1.   Work fromstoryboard
    2.  Work in menu order (clips - photos - audio -titles-etc...)
  7.   Clips
    1.   Create copies ofclips to work with. select the clip, Edit>Copy, Edit>Paste. drag the copy to the bottom to work onit.
    2.  Work with rough edits first. get your clips inorder. cut or crop them close but notexact.
    3.  Cut vs.crop
    4.  Once the rough copy is in place, cut and cropprecisely
  8.   Audio
    1.   Use timeline view.add extra audio to track 2 or 3.
    2.  Voice overs are possible if you didn't get clearsound or fornarration.
    3.  Importing from anothersource
      1.   Extractaudio
      2.  CD's
  9.  Titles
    1.   "Over Black" iseasiest to use. Careful not to get too carriedaway.
  10.   Tips
    1.   Starteasy:
      1.   No transitions oreffects
      2.  30 - 60 second finishedmovie
    2.   Students can do a lotofthis
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