Your Questions

Questions from techs that came up in training in August.
updated Aug. 27, 2008

What travels with your profile account on Windows?
If you're set to have a roaming profile, your desktop and favorites.My Documents is not a part of the roaming profile, as this part of the profile tends to get quite large with .mp3s, .jpgs and other large files being kept there. My Documents is currently being redirected to C:\Documents\e123456\My Documents [this is a secured directory that only the owner has permission to].
How will one computer with multiple users work?
They each log in with their own account and each has their own desktop/profile/etc.

How will one user with multiple computers work?

If they have a roaming profile, they'll have the same desktop on each computer. If
both computers are used simultaneously, roaming profiles sometimes aren't the best in that situation. Roaming profiles may not be the best fit for every user.

Will users have multiple simultaneous logins?

How often will password changes be enforced?
Currently there is a policy in place that will require a password change every 90 days.  Users can only change their password once every 24 hours.

Will students be able to change their passwords?

Yet to be determined.

Can we share a local printer on Windows?
The Technology Department recommends the use of network printers.

How do I change a user's password?
 At this time, you will need to contact the Help Desk.

How can I change my password on a Mac and Windows?
 On a Mac, you do it from System Preferences > Accounts
 On a Windows machine, hit Ctrl+Alt+Del

What OU do computers that travel go in?  (laptops)

Generally, they go into whichever school/site the computer is named from, ex 64-XXXXXXX would go into the 360 Colborne OU.

How big can a profile be?
There currently is no limit, however, the larger the profile is, the longer the initial log on/log off will take on each new computer the user logs into.

Is the Travel folder separate from the profile?

Yes, but it will travel with the user.

Is the Travel folder separate from the H: drive?

What capacity is the Travel folder?
We have allocated 1GB for staff and 500MB for students.

Will the Travel folder work on the Mac?
That is what we are working towards. Availability on both platforms.

Will the Travel folder be available outside the district network?
No. The Travel folder will only be available on the Saint Paul Public Schools network.

What happens if I move and rename a computer that is already bound to AD?
You can't. It's a domain level policy that only certain domain users can rename computers.

Why employee ID and student ID for login?
We wanted to use a new naming convention to signify a new system. Employee and Student ID numbers are unique, and short. Too many variables with Firstname Lastname, etc. Other account naming conventions were discussed quite a bit, this is the convention that the majority agreed on.


ISD625 is the working domain, SPPSMN is the root domain that holds ISD625, the ability for the end user to even see SPPSMN will most likely go away. 'SPPS' was our first choice for this, but cannot be used because it is in use already.

How do I check for correct DNS lookup in my building?
Every building's DHCP server was changed over the summer to use the AD's DNS [which forwards everything to the BIND DNS]. And easy way to check on a PC is to open a command prompt and type 'ipconfig /all' return, and verify that you see either or as either the primary or secondary DNS servers.

How do we share FileMaker Pro files in my building with multiple users?
Nothing should change with this, FileMaker databases use TCP/IP protocol.

How much storage space on the servers?
We have allocated 1GB for staff and 500MB for students.

Are their hidden files and folders I need to migrate?
No, but there may be some exceptions as some applications store things in different places.

How do I migrate Firefox bookmarks?
Please refer to the documentation located at http:\\\ad

What is the status of Elementary Report cards?
Active Directory should not have an impact on Elementary report cards.

What are the known issues and fixes for Lotus Notes client?
There are some permission fixes that need to be made, some of these aren't even related to AD or the new profile that is created, it was an error on the newer XP images.

How soon do newly bound computers get put in the correct OU?  process?
We have an automatic computer redirection in place which will put newly joined PC into a OU that will apply the domain level polices. Computers will be sorted into their building OU weekly.

What are known printer issues on the Windows client?  default printer?
Often when migrating to a new profile on a windows workstation the default printer will be lost.  You can easily reset the default printer by right-clicking and selecting "set default printer".

How will FasttMath, Read180 and RenPlace be affected?
 They'll work. Justin and a few others are working on this currently.

If a user works in multiple buildings, how do OUs impact that?  where do they fit?
OUs are really nothing other than a placeholder for "organizing" the AD, it's significance really is minimal.

Can a department that has a few staff in each of a couple dozen buildings be in a special OU?
If we determine that this is the best way to organize these users, then sure.  However we can use security groups to group the users.

Can we get a generic explanation/notification of the AD migration stuff for our staff?
We are working on this currently.