Accounts: Directory Services


Active Directory is a technology created by Microsoft that provides a variety of network services, including user authentication, centralized network administration, and single sign-on for user access to networked based resources.


Availibilty:  At all times, except for planned outages.


How to log in to Active Directory:

From the computer log in screen, enter your user name (e plus employee number for staff and s plus CIF for students) and password.  On a Windows machine, make sure the box below the password reads "ISD625"

Services Information Technology provides:

  • Creation of new accounts
  • Password resets
  • Modification of accounts
  • Modification of account rights
  • Disabling of accounts


How to request service:

Service Desk

Your single point of contact for all SPPS IT services:

Submit a ticket
to get your technology related problem fixed:

Log in using the following:
username: isd625\eXXXXXX  (X=your employee number)
password: your regular computer log in password

For assistance, click here: Login video help


Call 651-603-HELP (4357)

Hours: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm