SPPS Student Apps

1.  What is it?

Google Docs in Plain English from Teacher Tube

2. Why should you use it?

  • Provides students with a way to save and access their work
  • Offers equity for students without home access to programs like as PPT
  • Eliminates the excuses for incomplete assignments
  • Provides a means for collaborating
  • Easy email, for communicating

3.  Creating contact lists for your classes and setting up forwarding to   
     SPPS Lotus Notes mail

    Click on "Class Rosters" on the Teacher Activities page, log in using your
    Campus user name and password,  and follow the directions.  If you want 
    to create a custom group in Apps and the group members are not students,
    please click on this link to view directions for creating a custom CSV file to

4.  Using the Docs
Go to https://mail.google.com/a/stpaul.k12.mn.us

  • Your home page
  • Email
  • The Docs
  • Documents
  • New footnote feature
  • Insert Comments
  • Use the block quote feature




  • Use to create surveys
  • Automatically creates a spreadsheet with survey responses


Check out the templates

Printing - creates a pdf on your desktop

  • Uploading and downloading documents
  • Download file as


  • Collaborating
  • Viewing

Comment feature

Revision history

Show as web page feature

Docs Basics handout
5. Possible issues

  • Browser needs to be current
  • Ensure that students know their UN and PW before beginning a project
  • Formatting - avoid complex formats  as they can be lost 

6.  How is it being used?

  • English - Letters to the president
  • Business - Paperless classroom
  • ELL - Quality and quantity of student writing has increased
PDF SPPS Apps Directions for Teachers   --  How To: Downloading student rosters from Campus to upload into SPPS Apps