SPPS App Store Volume Purchasing Program (ASVPP)

Programs, departments, and sites using iPads or other iOS devices in a classroom setting  are eligible to participate in the Apple Volume Purchasing Program through the Saint Paul Public Schools ASVPP account.  Participation in the Volume Purchasing Program (VPP), allows programs to purchase apps in volume at discounts of up to 50% off the standard app price, when apps are purchased in quantities of 20 or more in a single transaction. This  also allows for tax-exempt purchasing of apps through a special VPP portal.  The Volume Purchasing Program allows participants to easily consolidate and track app purchases; distribute redemption codes; and track app redemption through a single self-service portal provided by Apple.   The principal, program administrator, or department manager identifies a single staff member to function as the Program Facilitator (PF).  All Program Facilitators will be required to complete a brief online certification course before they are granted access to  program facilitator email and Apple accounts. Program Facilitators will be responsible for ordering all volume vouchers, redeeming vouchers, ordering apps for the site or program, and distributing redemption codes to end users, as well as maintaining accurate records for this program. In the event that a certified Program Facilitator leaves the site or program, the duties of the PF must be turned over to a new staff member at that site.  The newly identified staff member must complete the certification process before he or she will be granted access to the volume purchasing accounts and materials.


How Does This Work?

Participating programs use program funds to purchase Volume Vouchers in denominations of $100 or $500, and multiple vouchers may be purchased in a single transaction.   The vouchers are physical cards which are purchased using one-click ordering in the iProcurement system.  Volume Vouchers are shipped via tracked delivery method using FedEx or UPS to the IT Department at 1930 Como Avenue. When the Volume Vouchers arrive at 1930 Como, an IT Department staff member will contact the program facilitator.  The Program Facilitator picks up the voucher cards from the IT Department.  Vouchers cannot / will not be mailed, placed in inter-school mail, or be given to any other staff member.  The PF redeems the volume voucher  in the Apple Volume Purchasing Portal, and this creates a balance which may be used to purchase apps.  When the PF needs to purchase apps, he or she simply logs in to the Volume Purchasing Portal, finds the app, selects the quantity to be purchased, and submits the order.  Shortly after placing the order, the PF will receive an email with a spreadsheet containing the license code for each app, as well as an individual URL for each app license.  The PF then distributes the redemption codes to the end users in the program, who log in to the App Store to redeem the code. 

Volume Vouchers may only be redeemed in the Volume Purchase Portal, and may not be redeemed in iTunes, the App Store, or on any personal iTunes account.  Misuse / misappropriation of volume vouchers will result in the termination of Program Facilitator rights, and may lead to Apple's termination of the SPPS ASVPP program.


Apps purchased through this program may only be installed on district-owned devices, and cannot be installed on the personal devices of students or staff. End users must make sure that they are logged in to an iTunes account tied to an SPPS email address.


Roles within the ASVPP

Program Manager -- oversees the SPPS Volume Purchasing Program; creates Program Facilitator accounts upon request by principal, program administrator, or department manager once the identified PF has completed the online certification course; receives the Volume Vouchers from Apple and communicates with the Program Facilitators

Program Facilitator -- one per participating site; places orders for the Volume Vouchers; picks up and redeems the volume vouchers; orders and distributes apps and redemption codes; maintains all records for the site


SPPS Terms & Conditions for Participation in the ASVPP

  • One certified Program Facilitator (PF) per site
  • Volume Vouchers are purchased with program funds using the iProcurement system
  • Program Facilitator is the only staff member authorized to
    • place volume voucher orders and/or work with an authorized staff member to place an order in iProcurement;
    • pick up volume vouchers from SPP IT;
    • redeem vouchers in the volume purchasing portal;
    • purchase apps through the volume purchasing portal;
    • distribute redemption codes;
    • access the Program Facilitator email account;
    • access any other Program Facilitator accounts associated with this program.