Apple Battery Recall Replacement
We have received a shipment of 400 batteries from Apple Computer. Thesebatteries will be sent out to you after filling out the form below. Theoriginal batteries need to be returned to Apple so you will need tosend back the original to us at 1930 Como.
To be eligible for this exchange program the battery serial number must be in the ranges below.

12-inch iBook G4   
  - Battery model number:  A1061   
  - Battery serial number ranges:    
        ZZ338 - ZZ427   
        3K429 - 3K611   
        6C519 - 6C552 ending with S9WA, S9WC, or S9WD   
12-inch PowerBook G4   
  - Battery model number:  A1079   
  - Battery serial number ranges:   
        ZZ411 - ZZ427   
        3K428 - 3K611   
15-inch PowerBook G4   
  - Battery model numbers:  A1078  and  A1148   
  - Battery serial number ranges:   
        3K425 - 3K601   
        6N530 - 6N551 ending with THTA, THTB, THTC   
         6N601 ending with THTC   
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