Tech Integration Class 3 Information and Resources
Better Search Skills for Students and Teachers

Too much information is one of today's challenges. Teachers and theirstudents need to know how to find the information they need, whether itis the best information available, and, how to use it. We will learnstrategies and tricks for making your searches more effective, examinethe resources available to you and discuss student management whendoing research.

Class Outline and PPT 

Computer Basics for the Technology-Shy

Do you have questions about using your computer that you don't knowwho to ask???  Do you wish you just had the time to make friendswith technology? Come to this workshop for individualized help whichwill help move you into the realm of the tech-savvy educator.

Student Learning Station Ideas

You are using your eMac and projector in your instruction, butstill aren't sure how to get all the students in your class in front ofthe computer to complete a task. We will look at project ideas andresources, and then discuss the particulars of managing your studentsin front of the computer.

Student Projects Using Inspiration

We will review the "how tos" of this useful graphic organizersoftware, and then look at a variety of teacher and student uses. Useof Inspiration in various subject areas will be modeled and lesson resources will be provided. Come with an idea of how you'd like to use Inspiration in your class.

Tech Integration in Writer's Workshop

How can teachers easily and efficiently integrate technology intoWriter's Workshop? In this class we will look at way to use technologyresources within the Writer's Workshop structure and format. Anextensive resource list, aligned with Writer's Workshop Curriculum willbe provided.