Using Google Maps in High School Math
Friday, August 14, 2009 1:32 PM

Idea Summary: Use Google Maps satelite images (and their scales) to teach perimeter and area and their real life uses.
This unit takes about 10 days to complete. Project the sateliteimage of the school or a nearby area onto a whiteboard. Put twostudents (a measurer and a calculator) at the board with the taskof figuring out the area and perimeter of the school building.Student measurer should be supplied with a regular ruler. The twostudents at the board have to wait for other students to instructthem before they make a move. The students will soon discover thatthey need the map scale to convert map measures to actual measures.They will also learn that the conversion factor they use forsingle-dimensional measures has to be doubled for two-dimensionalmeasures.

After teaching the perimeter and area formulas using examples fromGoogle Maps satelite images for three days, a unit project isintroduced in the Mac lab. The project is described in myattachment