Digital Storytelling- Memoir
Friday, June 04, 2010 12:30 PM

After completing the prescribed Saint Paul Public Schools Memoir Unit for grade 5, I needed a fun and technological way for the kids to publish their work.

The kids in my class wanted to create digital stories after watching some on-line in their computer prep class. We embarked on this new adventure together, figuring out things as we went.


1. Students needed to break their stories into segments. Some students did this storyboard style, drawing what they thought the image would be for their chosen word set. Others were just able to break their final Memoir into sections, without the use of storyboard.

2. After, they had their story broken up into segments and an image in mind for each segment, students found images on the internet, or created them using drawing software, or bay taking pictures. The computer prep teacher helped them to do this step.

3. The students then needed to import the images they found or created into imovie.

4. Once the images were in iMovie the students could place them in a project and display the image for however long it took them to read the words that went with it.

5. After all images were placed, students needed to play their movie while reading their memoir, to make sure the story and images matched up.

6. If everything matched up well, then students recorded themselves telling the story.

7. Student digital stories were then uploaded to the school website.

Click here for an example