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DL math activity
This is a example of how you can use excel spreadsheet application with the DL cell phone plan math activity
Online Learning Resources Home Access handouts
Use these PDFs to access the Online Learning Resources from at home. They are organized by grade level; high school, middle school and elementary students. There is also one especially for teachers.
ViewPoint Access Form
Use this form to indicate access permission levels for school staff.
CNN Student News Podcasts
A huge improvement for showing the daily CNN Student News in your classroom. Click here for instructions on setting up CNN Student News on your computer!
Instructions for Everyday Math online games
Here is a pdf with instructions on how to access Everyday Math Games
Spanish crossword puzzle maker
I found Amigos Spanish Software the other day and thought it might be useful to our Spanish teachers.
Saint Paul History Resources
A huge collection of historical photos, movies and curricular materials cover early Saint Paul history. Click here!
NNS Interactive Math Programs
Use these stand-alone interactive programs to teach common mathconcepts with an LCD projector.
.mpeg converter - Makes them iMovie compatible
You can shoot mpeg movies using your digital camera and use these small clips to create iMovies.
Martin Luther King
This is a link and a mp3 of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream Speech". 
Google Earth
Here is a Macintosh version of Google Earth.  If you have not used Google Earth, want to know more about a specific location? Dive right in -- Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips
Timeline Templates
Use these templates in either Keynote or PowerPoint to create timelineswith seven or fewer events. Timelines can be presented when finished.
Java Plug-In for Firefox (Use the JRE version.)
Booklet Making
Download this simple application and you can make beautiful booklets / magazines using Pages on your eMac.
AppleWorks, Keynote or PowerPoint Math Activity - American Tour: Finding Distances on a Map Activity (Gr. 5, Lesson 4.3)
Students use AppleWorks, Keynote or PowerPoint to construct drawings thatillustrate distances on a U.S. map. Students will learn basic draw skills atthe same time.
Database Activities
Collection of cross-curricular database activites and templates for download.
Updates for Worldbook
This is the Worldbook update as well as a dashboard widget for worldbook
Secure Skills Math Activities
Workstation activities aimed at addressing Everyday Math secure skills in grade four.
Basic Spreadsheet Activity
Introduction to basic spreadsheet components and functions.
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