Frequently Asked Questions

What options do I have for on-line learning in Saint Paul Public schools?
If you would like to offer a complete course on-line follow these steps:
     1. Request course approval through curriculum department. (See attached documents)
         a. You will need a course syllabus
         b. A course outline
   2. Once your course is approved it needs to be added to your schoolscourse catalog in Campus. This is done by adding a course, section andteacher to the curriculum tab in Campus for your school. This sectionwill also be where you roster your students for record keeping.
    3. Market your course to students and Roster your students your the scheduler in Campus
    4. Setup course in Moodle
       a. Create a course and assign a enrollment key-code in Moodle
       b. Assign a teacher to the course
       c. Populate the course content in the Moodle learning management system
   5. Add potential students to Moodle system(This could be eitherjust students rostered in the section or all students in a school)
    6. Distribute course key-code to students
    7. Deliver course on-line
      a. Keep on-going communication with your students by using discussionboards, email and chat system
       b. Grade student assignments within Moodle
       c. Have real or virtual office hours where students can go for help
    8. Record keeping for course
All final grades and other info is reported using the Campus Gradebook

I only want to offer classroom material to my students on-line what do I need to do?
Courseis created in Moodle, you are assigned as teacher and the course isgiven a key-code which the students use to auto enroll in the course.Students use their spps log in and password to log on to Moodleserver and enroll in the course by entering the key-code

Urban Planet
Youcan use your building level Urban Planet website to deliver coursematerial as well. However it does not have all the features such aschat and discussion boards.

Can you tell me again how Staff and students access Moodle?
Staffuse their Campus user name and password. If you are unable to loginthen an account needs to be created for you. Please contact the Techhelp desk

Students use their spps user name and password. Beforea student can log on they need to be added to the Moodle server.Please let the Tech help desk know what students will need to accessthe Moodle server so they can be added before your course begins.

How does a student get added to my Moodle course?
Eachcourse in Moodle is given a key-code. This code is used by thestudent to enroll in your course. A student logs into Moodle, theynavigate the course catalog to find your specific course and use thekey-code to enroll in your course.

What courses and content are available?
Moodle is a learning management system and as such does not have anypre-created courses. You are responsible for creating or purchasingcourse content. Please remember that any course content purchased willneed to be compatible with Moodle LMS.

Where do I go to learn more about Moodle?
Atomic Learning has some great video tutorials here: