File Services


IT supports a variety of systems designed to facilitate sharing of files and data between SPPS staff and students, as well as centralized storage folders that let staff and students access their own files from any computer on the SPPS network, reducing the need to copy files in order to move them around.

Services relating to file services systems include:

  • Travel/Home folder - each employee and student has access to a personal folder which can be accessed from any computer within the SPPS network.
  • File Sharing/Network Shares - IT can set up and maintain shared folders to make group collaboration (both business and academic) easier.
  • Assigning and modifying of rights to shared files (including Read Only, Full Access, etc.)
  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance of servers for file service systems.

Availability:  Some file services systems are only available within the SPPS network, using SPPS-owned equipment.


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