Web Page Denied

Access to this web page is currently blocked by the district filter

Students: High-level filter access for students is not permitted. If you have reached this page and need to access this website for class, please see your teacher.

Staff: If you need to access this web page for instructional use, you may initiate a 90-minute session to gain high-level filter access by following the directions below. All high-level filter access will be tracked through the filter appliance, and must comply with the district's Technology Use Policy 520 and Guidelines for Acceptable Use.  Employees are to use sound judgement when accessing these sites; are expected to comply with all district policies; and must comply with the conditions and terms of service for any external website. Misuse or abuse of high-level filter access is a violation of district policy, and may result in one or more of the following consequences: suspension or cancellation of authorized use or access privileges; discipline under applicable district policies and procedures; or civil or criminal liability under applicable laws.

Network performance will be monitored. During periods of high network demand, such as online testing, the IT Dept. reserves the right to suspend high-level filter access for all users.

High-level Filter Access

To access, enter your complete SPPS email address (e.g. jane.doe@spps.org) and your web mail password.