Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for SPPS IT Change Management Process

Q:  Who is the owner of this process?
A:  SPPS IT Department.

Q:  Do I need to create a Request for Change (RFC) for a Standard Change?
A:  No, a Standard Change will be entered into the Service Desk System as a Request for Service.

Q:  Do I create a RFC myself or do I call or email the Service Desk (SD)?
A:  As of 10-19-2009 there is not a self service option for creating a RFC.  However we are working on this option.  Until the self service RFC is ready please call or email SD and they will create a RFC for you.

Q:  When will the self service RFC be ready?
A:  We will communicate this information to you when it is ready.

Q:  Do we need to fill out a RFC form and email it to the SD?
A:  No, there is no longer a need to fill out a form.  Just communicate your change request to the SD.  When self service is available for RFC you will be filling out a form electronically.

Q:  When will changes be allowed?  
A:  There will be monthly change windows for normal changes.  Standard changes and emergency changes may occur outside of predetermined change windows.