Infinite Campus Free Online Courses

Infinite Campus Created and Delivered Free Courses:

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Type Number Name
Course AD 1113 Ad Hoc Reporting Basics (No SQL) Self-Paced
Course AD 1123 Ad Hoc Reporting: Fee Queries
Course AD 1133 Ad Hoc Reporting: Behavior Queries
Course AT 1113 Attendance (Elementary Focus)
Course AT 1123 Attendance (Secondary Focus)
Course AT 1133 Attendance: The Letter Wizard
Course BE 1113 Behavior: Tracking & Reporting Behavior
Course CE 1113 Census: Creation of Students, Addresses & Households
Course CE 1123 Census: Modifying Census Data
Course HE 1113 Health: Tracking & Reporting Health Information
Course HE 1123 Health: Canned Reports and Ad Hoc Tips & Tricks
Course IC 1113 Infinite Campus Basics: Searching, Navigation & Student Information
Course IN 1113 Instruction: The Teacher Tools
Course IN 1123 Instruction: Reports
Course ME 1113 Messenger: Setup and Use of Campus Messenger
Course SC 1113 Scheduling: Reports
Course SC 1123 Scheduling: Roster Copy and Roster Set Up
Course ST 1113 Student Information: Assessments
Course ST 1123 Student Information: Athletics
Course ST 1133 Student Information: Fees
Course ST 1143 Student Information: Lockers
Course ST 1153 Student Information: Programs
Course ST 1163 Student Information: Transcripts
Course ST 1173 Student Information: Transportation
Course ST 1183 Student Information: The Counseling Tool
Course ST 1193 Student Information: Using the Grad Planner
Course ST 1213 Student Information: Tracking Student Eligibility in Activities
Course ST 1233 Student Information: Walk In Scheduling (Elementary Focus)
Course ST 1243 Student Information: Walk In Scheduling (Secondary Focus)
Course ST 1323 Student Information: Special Education Basics
Course SU 1113 Survey: Creation & Delivery in Infinite Campus
Course SY 1123 System Administration: Importing Student Photos
Course SY 1133 System Administration: Campus Portal Set Up & Overview
Course AD 3113 Ad Hoc Reporting: Cube Designer
Course MD 3113 Medicaid Set Up
Course NRE 3113 National Records Exchange
Course CE 1143 Census: Canned Reports and Ad Hoc Tips & Tricks