SPPS Technology Integration Initiatives

Inits seventh year, Saint Paul Public School’s Technology Integration Initiative continues its endeavors to ensure thatallSPPS students have the necessary skills to live and work in the 21stCentury. The Initiative accomplishes this by providing teachers withequal parts training, access to hardware and software, and coaching tomaximize the effective use of educational technology.
Thisinitiative supports the work of the Saint Paul Public School’s Projectfor Academic Excellence standards-based literacy program as well asdistrict and Minnesota content standards.
TheInternational Society of Technology Educators (ISTE) NETS for Teachersand Students will guide the work of the SPPS Technology Integration Program. Thesestandards will assist us in documenting our efforts to ensure that allSPPS students are technologically literate.
Program Goals:
  • To assist every student in crossing the digitaldivide
  • Foster critical thinking skills.
  • Support learning activities that could not otherwise beaccomplished without technology.
  • Toencourage the effective integration of technology resources and systemswith teacher training in best practices instruction and curriculumdevelopment
Pleasenote;  Technology Integration workshops are open to all SPPS Staff. SeePDExpress forregistrationinformation.
The Information Technology Department purchases a number of electronicresources that are available to staff, students and parents. Theseon-line encyclopedias, electronic reference libraries, digital videoand training tools can be accessed at:
Coach Support:
TechnologyIntegration Services, based at 1930 Como, provides technologyintegration support for all SPPS schools. The IT department can assist inthe following ways:
  • Curriculum integration/planning support
  • Direct classroom instruction support
  • On-site integration training
  • Buildinglevel tech planning