Data Projector Lamp Request
The Audio Visual department currently stocks lamps for a select line of LCD and DLP projectors.  Please fill out this form and submit it when requesting a lamp. The lamps in-stock will be gifted to your school. Please do not abuse this by requesting more than your current need. We reserve the right to limit amounts given at any one time.  If your lamp is not on this list and you require assistance in deciding what lamp to purchase or where to get it we will be happy to assist you.  These lamps contain mercury and must be recycled or rebuilt. Also remember to clean the projector and reset the lamp timer when you replace a lamp. 

If the new lamp you need costs over $300.00 you may want to consider re lamping. I work with a vendor who will take your old lamp, if it is in good condition, and replace the burner. Here is a sample cost list as of 1/19/10 and does not include shipping.
 NP600s   NP07LP 230W    $248
 NP1000   NP01LP 300W   $268
 VT800   NP05LP 210W     $253
 WT610 WT61LPE 275W   $278

Warranty: You may wait up to 6 months to install the lamp. Then 90 days of
your 100% satisfaction or money back.
Call me if you are interested in this option. Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

As of 1/18/10 here is current local pricing for some common lamps.
Epson 54C ELPLP27 after market from Ness Electronics $229.00
Epson 83C, 83+ ELPLP42, after market from Ness Electronics $289.00
NEC WT610, WT61LPE Original from Tierney Brothers $415.00
An example Google search for a NEC NP600s, lamp number NP07LP brings up a range of prices from $259.00 to $289.00.

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