Netbook Orientation

Reserving Computer Lab Space:

Remove/Replace from Cart:

  • Always plug in the cart.
  • Always plug in the computers.
  • Be very careful of the power cords where they attach to the computers.
  • Screens damage very easily.

Start Up, Log In and Shut Down:

  • Putting Away: Either restart before shutting the lid and putting in the cart, or shut down completely and put in the cart. Always plug in.
  • Tape power cords into cart to avoid tangled mess.
  • Log in with Active Directory username and password. If student cannot log in...
    • Check username and password. If student needs a reset use Teacher Tools at the Connect Site.
    • Check to see that the sliding network connect switch on the left side is on.
    • Attempt plugging in to an ethernet cable.
  • When you shut down all three lights on the front face need to be off.
  • Orange light means charging.

Keyboard and Controls:

  • Volume: Hold FNC key and use right or left arrow keys.
  • Brightness: Hold FNC key and use up and down arrow keys.
  • Power button on left side lower corner.
  • Caps lock indicator above power button. Be careful not to accidently press power button because the computer will shut down without chance to stop.
  • Quick Start Button: Lets one access music, pictures, games and the web, even before the Windows loads. Don't use probably.
  • One Key Recovery: Don't use!

Computers - Not Set Up to Print:

  • Use "travel folder" which should be on the desktop. Saving to this location makes files available anywhere in the SPPS just by logging in again.
  • Use SPPS APPS!! (Education version on Google Docs): Como Sr. Help Site    SPPS Official APPS Help Site
  • USB Drive Storage
  • Email Documents
  • Urban Planet file upload


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