What are the Best Practices for Online learning in Saint Paul Public Schools
Saint Paul Public School Promotes the use  of On-line learning asa critical tool for the 21st century and to enhance instructionalpractices for all students.  Many teachers have benefited byincorporating on-line resources as part of their instructional toolkit.  The office of Instructional Services and EducationalTechnology wish to support any teachers that are interested in gettingstarted with on-line learning.  If you are interested in accessingthese on-line resources for your class, click here.

Ifyour students need greater flexibility and are prepared for the choicesand challenges inherent in on-line learning, you might want toconsidering offering a Saint Paul Public Schools on-line course. Here is a self survey that your students should consider to determine if they are ready for on-line learning.  Here are the districts expectations for effective on-line courses:

  1. The course is Standards based.  This means that the course reflects district and national/state standards.
  2. All Saint Paul Public School on-line courses must have a Face to Face orientation.
  3. Saint Paul Public Schools on-line learning will includesubstantial interaction with a SPPS licensed teacher.  Each coursemust include a minimum of two of the following teacher studentinteractivity per week:
    1.     A face to face introductory course orientation
    2.     Course activities and meetings using Interactive chats
    3.     Discussion boards
    4.     Email
    5.     Scheduled teacher office hours including telephone support.
    6.     Post course face to face meeting
  4. The course has gone through building and district approval process. Here is a link that describes this process.
  5. Upon approval the course is entered into the Saint PaulStudent Information System(Campus) and the building scheduler createsthe class for your building.(Creates section, Assigns teacher, Rostersstudents)
  6. Contact the Educational Technology department to discuss all technology issues(steve.buettner@spps.org 651.603.HELP option 3
  7. All students who wish to take an on-line course need to complete an Acceptable Use policy and Academic integrity Statement(Attached below).
  8. All students need to complete the "Is online learning for me?" survey
  9. All students need access to a computer with the following minimum requirements:
Windows Operating System 2000 or newer
Internet access of 56k or better
Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape 7.1 browser

Mac Operating System 10.2 or newer
Internet access of 56k or better
Internet Explorer 5.2, Netscape 4.78 or Safari web browser
Internet access of 56k or better