Program Facilitator Application

Any SPPS program or school which is using iPads or iOS devices in the classroom may choose to participate in the SPPS App Store Volume Purchasing Program.  Program participants can receive up to 50% off the retail cost of apps through a special Volume Purchasing Portal when 20 or more copies of a single app are purchased in a single transaction.  Program participation requires the appointment of a Program Facilitator for the site or program. At this time, programs are limited to a single Program Facilitator per location. 


The Program Facilitator (PF)  is appointed by the principal, program administrator, or department manager, and should be an SPPS staff member with solid organizational and record-keeping skills, as well as the ability to communicate with diverse groups of people. This person may need to assist iPad / iOS end users with the app redemption process or the syncing of multiple iOS devices with a single iTunes account on a single computer in a classroom.  While training will be provided through the online certification course, this person should be comfortable using technology, and should be able to troubleshoot very basic  device syncing issues.


Programs which are interested in participating in the SPPS ASVPP must indicate interest and register the Program Facilitator  designee using the form below.  Upon receipt of this form, the Program Facilitator designee for the site will be sent a link and enrollment key for the online certification course.  Once the PF designee has successfully completed the certification course, the Program Facillitator accounts will be created by the Program Manager and the SPPS IT Department, and the designee will receive access to these accounts and now have the ability to order volume vouchers for the site and log in to the Volume Purchasing Portal to purchase apps.


Administrator's Name 
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Program Name / School Site 
Name of Program Facilitator Designee 
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As the administrator for this program, I have read and I understand the terms of participation in the SPPS Apple Volume Purchasing Program available at . I agree to provide administrative oversight for the SPPS ASVPP in my building / school / program.
Program Agreement