PROCEDURE 520 Guidelines for Acceptable Use by Employees

 Adopted: 3/15/1999 Saint Paul Public Schools Procedure 520.00
Revised: --
To establish a procedure necessary for implementation of the Information Technology Usage
General Statement of Procedure
The procedure delineates the guidelines that need to be taken in order to assure that the
Information Technology Usage Policy is followed.
Implementation of Procedure
Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Information Technology by Employees
The District expects staff to provide thoughtful student use of the Internet and other electronic
resources, and to provide students with guidance and instruction in use. It is impossible to ensure
that District staff can continually monitor each user’s cooperation to act responsibly.
The internet, district computer networks and computer workstations must be used responsibly,
ethically and legally. Failure to adhere to district policies, regulations and guidelines for the use
of information technology resources will result in a revocation of access privileges.
The following actions will not be permitted:
1. Using abusive language, including hate mail, harassment or discriminatory remarks;
2. Deliberately accessing inappropriate web sites that contain obscene material, including reviewing, downloading, storing or printing files or messages that are obscene, vulgar or sexually explicit, or that use language that degrades others;
3. Using anything as public without the permission of the author;
4. Maliciously attempting to harm or destroy data of another user, school or district networks, or the internet, including uploading or creating viruses;
5. Using networks for any illegal activity, including violation of copyright or other laws;
6. Using networks for a commercial, political or profit-making enterprise, except as specifically agreed to with the district;
7. Using or accessing a file or an account owned by another user without their permission;
8. Deliberately distributing or downloading any material in such a manner that causes congestion of networks.
School district employees are responsible for supervising their students as they use the Internet.
Electronic mail (e-mail and telecommunications) is not to be used to share confidential
information about students or other employees.
The networks are a shared resource which are the property of the district and, as such, may be
subject to district-authorized search to ensure the integrity of the networks and compliance with
policies and laws. Employees who inadvertently access an unacceptable site on the Internet, or
employees who believe that another employee is using district technology resources
inappropriately; such as for illegal or unethical use, should notify their supervisor. If there is a
reason to believe that there has been misuse of district resources, user accounts may be accessed
by network administrators.
All network and e-mail users are expected to abide by the generally accepted rule of network
etiquette. These include, but are not limited to:
1. Being polite and using appropriate language, e.g., swearing, vulgarities, the sending of inappropriate jokes or cartoons and other similar use of language are not acceptable.
2. Do not reveal your personal address or give out phone numbers of students or employees to unknown Internet users;
3. Do not send personal group messages to schools and/or the entire district (such as to sell a personal possession);
4. Do not use email or district networks for commercial, profit-making or political campaign purposes;
5. Do not send fraudulent, intimidating or anonymous messages;
6. Do not participate in defamatory or other unprofessional attacks on individuals or organizations.
Users should be aware that use of the Internet and other electronic resources are not private.