CNN Student News
CNN Student News Now Available as a Podcast!!! This works great!

You can now subscribe to CNN Student News via iTunes. Everyday when youlaunch iTunes, that day's CNN Student News broadcast will automaticallyupload allowing you to play it at anytime without delay (if this isn't happening click on the Update button). Here's how youset it up: (use Firefox or Safari, not Internet Explorer!)

  • After reading these instructions, click on the link below. Then....
  • Choose toLaunch Application. This will start iTunes and take you to the CNNStudent News Podcast page in the iTunes Store.
  • Click Subscribe to receive the daily Podcasts everyday. Confirmthat you are sure by clicking on Subscribe again. If you are not a daily user you can just return to this page to select the day you want to show.
  • Today's broadcastwill download on your computer.
  • When iTunes is open look at your podcasts (the left hand side menu) you'll see CNN Student News (video) listed on the right.
  • Click on the little triangle next to CNN Student News (video) to view the list of shows. Double click on today's date.
  • When the video shows up in the lower left hand corner, click once on that to make it full screen.
  • You can pause/play the video by tapping your spacebar.
  • To download your daily CNN SN broadcast, simply launch iTunes. It takes about 1 - 2 minutes to download. You can do this when you arrive in the morning so it will be ready for you when you want to show it.

Note: By clicking on Settings... in iTunes you can select to automatically delete the old broadcasts.

Click Here to start receiving CNN Student News Podcasts

Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes (6) on your computer. On your eMac run Software Update or  click here to download it for free!

Access CNN Student News directly from the CNN website. click here.

If you get an message about needing a plug in, just click Continue.