Tech Integration Hardware Returns

If you are retiring, ending employment with the SPPS, or no longer wish to use Tech Integration equipment (you've been given something better from your school) and wish to "check in" your Tech Integration hardware, please complete and submit this form.

Beginning in June 2011, Tech Integration hardware that is to be "checked in" and removed from your DMC records will now be transferred to the school's inventory. Equipment will no longer come back to the DMC. Rather, it is now being transferred through "paperwork" changes from the DMC inventory to school inventories (the school of the staff member who last possessed the hardware). The Principal in the school receiving the equipment now has sole discretion in distributing the transferred hardware. Remember, if a staff member is simply switching schools, he or she should bring the equipment to the other school.

Only teachers who have Tech Integration equipment checked out and wish to check it in should be completing this form. Submitting this form will accomplish several tasks.

  1. Removes the item(s) from your account in Destiny (checks the hardware back in).
  2. Transfers ownership of the item from the DMC to your school.
  3. Notifies your Principal that the item(s) have been transferred to the school.

Once you have submitted this form, please do the following.

  1. Leave projectors and desktop computers (not laptops) in your classroom.
  2.  Give  laptop computers directly to your Principal or your clerk. Please do not give any of your hardware to a staff member other than your Principal or clerk.

Thank you for your participation in the Tech Integration Initiative. If you have questions regarding the transfer process, contact (general questions) or (DMC questions).

First Name
Last Name
SPPS Email Address
Personal Email Address (Your SPPS mail will end shortly after the end of the year.)
Principal's Email Address
Item(s) that you are checking in.

"Other" Item Description (if selected above)
Computer Property Control Number - Item 1 (bar code with six digits and "e")
Projector Property Control Number - Item 2 (bar code with six digits and "e")
"Other" Item Property Control Number - Item 3 (bar code with six digits and "e")
Room number where projector and/or desktop computers is(are) located (where you are leaving them behind)
If you are checking in a laptop computer, what is the name of your principal or clerk at your site to whom you gave or will give your laptop?
Misc. Comments