Technology Opt-Out Form

We live in a global and digital world -- a world changed by technology and new ideas about how we communicate with one another. In Saint Paul Public Schools, we realize that students must develop the research, information fluency, and technology skills that will allow them to be successful in this digital world, as well as the skills necessary to live safely and ethically.  For this reason, the District provides computer access privileges, as well as access to the Internet, email, digital communication and collaboration tools, online learning spaces, and electronic educational resources. These resources, tools, and equipment are essential to teaching and learning in Saint Paul Public Schools.  
Standard applications and accounts that are created for SPPS students include:
  • Active Directory -- These credentials are used to log on to any district-owned computer within the SPPS network and provide students with a network travel folder for storing documents.
  • Student Portal -- This provides a student view of the Infinite Campus student information system. Students can view announcements, schedules, grades, assignment information, and in some cases may submit assignments or complete online assessments in the portal. Note: The Campus Gradebook is currently only being used at the secondary level (grades 7-12) in SPPS, and information available to elementary students through the portal is limited.
  • SPPS Apps -- The SPPS version of Google Apps for Education. This collection of online applications provides students with a Google email account, Calendar, and access to Google Docs where they can create, share, and publish documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and websites. These services are hosted by Google, but managed by SPPS. The district manages user accounts and levels of permission and access based on grade level organizations. The district is able to provide or deny access to different services, and can manage the ability to share within or outside of the SPPS domain.
  • Moodle / -- An open source learning management system used to provide an online classroom space. The district requires users to log in with district-provided credentials, and does not allow guest access. Participation in the online classroom space is limited to the teacher and his or her students.
Under the federal Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the district is required to filter Internet access and teach online safety. In SPPS we take your child's safety and privacy very seriously. The District makes every effort to supervise and monitor student technology use. We use a filter appliance to block access to Internet content that is obscene, pornographic, and harmful to minors. We provide access to secure online learning spaces, and limit access to SPPS students and teachers. We do not allow guest access in our online courses. We also use policies and administrative applications to limit  access to applications, and limit the ability to share information outside of the SPPS domain, thus creating a sort of "walled garden" for collaboration within SPPS.
Parents or guardians have the right to terminate their child's access to electronic tools and resources by signing and submitting the Technology Opt-Out Form.  Attached is a copy of the Technology Opt-Out Form.  Parents or guardians who wish to terminate their child's access to the Internet, online learning spaces, online resources, and communication and collaboration tools must complete this form for each child and must submit the form to the main office of their child's school.  This Opt-Out will remain in effect for a single school year.