The Process for Moving from V2 to V3.

The SPPS Office of Community Relations has been working to move all SPPS Urban Planet websites from the older, V2 version to the newer V3 version. This process started with the main site before moving to department site. School and program sites follow. An effort has been made to identify one "webmaster" for each site. This person will be the main contact regarding the site upgrade process.

The Office of Community Relations will contact the site webmaster via email notifying them of the upcoming conversion. Here's the process:

  1. Email notifying site webmaster of upcoming conversion to V3
  2. A "freeze" date will be determined. On this freeze date, all existing user accounts need to be turned off by the site webmaster (do not turn off the webmaster account).
  3. Once the site is frozen, a duplicate site will be created in V3. Only the webmaster account will be created. The temporary URL of the new V3 site will be:
  4. During the site freeze, the webmaster must make the changes described in "Things to Do" to the V3 site. No updates to the older V2 site should be made.
  5. User accounts need to be added to the V3 account.

Contact when your V3 site is ready to "go live" and he will make the switch. Once the switch has been made, your new V3 site will have your existing URL,, and your former V2 site will now be archived and accessable at